Now that my website is finally up and running, I figure it makes sense to take the opportunity to say Thank You to a few people who helped get me here.  The list of course, could go on and on like they tend to do at the Grammy’s, but I’ll limit this to a much smaller group.  Not that the rest of those people on the long list don’t deserve to be thanked (we all know there would be nothing without my good ole’ Mom and Dad), but there are many other special ways to thank them that don’t involve Blogs.

So for starters, and in no specific order of importance, Thank You Alan, as without you this website may not exist at all.  Your technical and creative insight was invaluable in making this site happen!  Thank You Jenfu, for reigniting “the spark”!  And last but most definitely anything but least, Thank You Viera, my Loving and extremely understanding wife!  Thank you for giving up your carry on to accommodate that extra bag with camera gear when we travel, for putting up with me while I spent far too much time trying to get just the right shot, and for supporting me in everything I do even when it means you are just along for the ride.



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